Jason Green Killed: Eutisha Rennix?

Jason Green, an FDNY emergency medical technician accused of refusing to help a dying pregnant woman named Eutisha Rennix during his coffee break, was shot to death Sunday morning outside a New York City nightclub.
Police says there is no evidence that the brutal slaying of Jason Green was payback for the death of Eutisha Rennix. But it is a huge coincidence if it has nothing to do with it.

I mean, a guy gets out of a car, shoots him in the face and then quickly leaves on the same car, that sounds like payback.

Since Jason Green was a doctor, why did he ignore Eutisha Rennix when she was clearly dying?

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The case involving the EMT -- Jason Green -- and a pregnant woman occurred in Brooklyn last December 9.

The woman, Eutisha Rennix, was working as a waitress at a cafe when she collapsed. Rennix's coworkers said Green and a fellow EMT were in the cafe when Rennix collapsed but the two EMTs reportedly told the co-workers to call 911 and left the cafe without aiding the stricken woman.

Eutisha Rennix died a few hours later from an asthma attack, and her premature baby also died shortly after delivery.

The two EMT's were put on a 30-day suspension, though a criminal investigation is still pending.

Picture of Eutisha Rennix.

Eutisha Rennix

The medical worker, Jason Green, was about a block from the Greenhouse nightclub in SoHo when a man got out of a car shortly after 5 a.m. and shot him twice in the torso. Mr. Green, 32, had gotten into an argument outside the club but the details of the dispute were unclear.

Police brass said there was no indication Green's slaying - which came after a street brawl - was tied to his callous refusal to help Eutisha Rennix.

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