Alexander McQueen Death: Did Alexander commit Suicide?

Alexander McQueen is a British fashion designer with an A-list clientele. He was found dead this morning inside his London home after reportedly killing himself.

Was the cause of his death really suicide? Or was he murdered?
If he did commit suicide, how did he provoke his death?

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I cant describe the tragic loss of such a brilliant man and designer Alexander McQueen.
Alexander McQueen committed suicide, according to the London Daily Mail.

His company spokeswoman, Samantha Garrett, confirmed the death of the four-time "British Designer of the Year" winner but declined to provide any details.

Emergency services were called to Alexander's home in central London and he was pronounced dead at the scene. A Scotland Yard spokesman said the death was not being treated as suspicious.
He wasn't feeling so good. Alexander's troubled personal life was often the subject of concern among his colleagues and close friends. He was deeply sad when Isabella Blow committed suicide in 2007, and he also was devastated by the death of his mom a few days ago.

The death of the go-to celebrity designer comes just days before the start of London Fashion Week.

Mr. McQueen was the creative chief behind the brand he founded in the 1990s and sold to Gucci Group in 2000.
He used to have a twitter account at but the account has been deleted.

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