Easy Do It Yourself Prom Hairstyles 2010 Pics?

What are some easy do it yourself prom hairstyles for 2010?
My prom/formal/ball whatever is coming up soon and i was wondering what hairstyle i should go for. My hairs about 5cm below my shoulders.
I like doing my own hair for prom, and i really like curls. I want a really unique idea for curls, and thinking of a possible up do?
I would also like to see some pictures. I can understand better if I see a photo.

I want some few ideas i have some already but wanna limit my options.

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When it comes to the hottest looks in prom hairstyles for 2010 it's all about the updo. Updo hairstyles are classic looks that work for any prom season. Other popular trends in prom hairstyles to wear this year are taken from celebrities. Styles such as braids, the mohawk, tight curls, romantic waves, chignon buns, and retro styles.

First, decide what kind of look you're after. This is not the time to pull out the hair gel. You want to look like you secured a bun to your head without even bothering to check the mirror, even if you're an obsessive beauty who doesn't go out without several re-checks.

One of the simplest and easy hairstyles to maintain is a short trendy hairstyle that is easily manageable, looks sexy and is often in fashion. You can part and style it quite easily with styling products. Alternatively you can scrunch dry it by scrunching up the hair in the palm of your hand under a blow dryer to give more volume in the hair.

On short to medium length hair, a simple and quick hairstyle may be to pin back your hair with some side combs. If you have more time, putting in some rollers the night before should give some pretty waves in your hair the next day that can be worn loose and also pinned back if required. When exercising or in a hurry, the classic ponytail is always a winner.

Here's a picture of a hairstyle I really like.

Easy Do It Yourself Prom Hairstyles

Katherine Heigel's curly, retro-Hollywood inspired hair works whether you've got naturally curly or straight hair. Steal her style:

1. To start, apply a curling cream to damp hair, then use a diffuser to dry your hair, starting at the roots.
2. When hair is dry, clip half of your hair back, then spray about a 2-inch piece of hair with a holding spray. Use a large-barrel curling iron to curl the sections, holding for 20 seconds.
3. When this piece is complete, let the curl set (don't touch it), and grab another 2-inch section until all of your hair is curled.
4. Take a comb, and create a side part, and spray and curl the front section until you have a swooping wave.
5. Finish with a light-hold hairspray.

Here is a video to help you out with your easy do it yourself prom hairstyle.

answered by Dakota | 04-17-2010 at 06:13 PM

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