LeapFrog's Leapster 2 vs Leapster Explorer Reviews?

What's the difference between LeapFrog's Leapster 2 vs Leapster Explorer?
I'm trying to decide which to buy for nephews & nieces.
Are they all the same thing? Are they for different ages? Can you only use certain games with each one?
I would like to read review of each device to make my decision.
Does the Leapster 2 play the original Leapster games? What about the other one, the L-Max? Is that better than the rest of them?

asked by Jesse in Toys | 12640 views | 11-26-2010 at 09:42 PM

The Leapster 2 allows downloadable content and online connectivity - the Leapster does not.
Leapster 2 can connect to your computer, which allows a parent to download additional games, special features, and rewards onto the Leapster 2.

Leapster Explorer does everything Leapster 2 does and more. On Leapster Explorer you can download books, videos, and buy extra accessories for it like a camera.

Yes, Leapster 1 games work on Leapster 2 systems. However, L-Max games do not work with Leapster 1 or 2.

My son is 5 and has the Leapster Explorer, in my opinion it is the best one.
This is one of the best learning toys I have seen. My son loves it, there are a variety of preset games and videos, and plenty of downloadable features and cartridges. It's also durable and the programs can grow with the kid.

answered by Angelina | 11-26-2010 at 09:42 PM

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