Watch Eclipse Online For Free No Surveys & No Download?

How can I watch the new movie Eclipse online for free but with no surveys and no downloads?
Every single website I visit asks me to fill a survey or to download something into my computer and I don't want to get a virus or something, I just want to watch the movie.

I have already watched the movie in the theater but it was so good I'd like to watch it again online for free.
What are some good free no survey sites to watch recently released movies online like Eclipse?

asked by Alexia in Movies | 29804 views | 06-30-2010 at 05:31 PM

If you intend to watch Eclipse right now with the premiere, there is no working link online. It is also dangerous because some surveys have viruses with them that download into your computer and infect you. Be careful.
Once the movie is in the theaters there is going to be websites that have the movie but it will be poor quality.
Basically someone go to the theater to watch Twilight Eclipse with a camera and captures the screen. Then uploads the video to the internet and that's it.
You see the movie but you hear crappy audio and sometimes you hear people talking.
I recommend you wait for Eclipse to come out in DVD and Blu-Ray.

answered by Fancy | 06-30-2010 at 05:50 PM

I had to run my antivirus twice for visiting sites that force you to download stuff and take surveys.
The movie is awesome, buy the DVD or the Blu-ray disc, that's how it's supposed to be watched.

answered by Penny | 07-01-2010 at 02:28 AM

i haven't seen it yet and really want to but NO survey or download
please help find a site that at least gives me a picture

answered by Guest | 08-05-2010 at 03:43 AM

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