Quotes About Dads Who Have Passed Away?

Today is Father's Day 2010. My dad passed away a month ago from leukemia and i was just wondering if anyone had any quotes, poems or sayings about losing your dad...
I'm feeling so sad, I can't stop missing him since the moment he died. I'd like quotes to share with my family.

Any quotes or poems you can find would really help. Thanks in advance.

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I was immensely moved by your post. My dad passed away this year too.
These quotes reflect on the greatness of fathers, which are quite often ignored by people.

Last night I looked up at the sky, and thought to myself -- how breath
taking, how mind blowing beautiful it is up there. The stars were shining
so bright and the moon was gleaming. The sky line went on and on and on,
never ending. And I felt this feeling all over, this comforting feeling
that tingled from my head all the way to my toes. I knew at that very
moment it was you, smiling down on me -- telling me not to worry
everything's all right.
- Anonymous

A father is someone that
holds your hand at the fair
makes sure you do what your mother says
holds back your hair when you are sick
brushes that hair when it is tangled because mother is too busy
lets you eat ice cream for breakfast
but only when mother is away
he walks you down the aisle
and tells you everythings gonna be ok
- Anonymous

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.
- Father's Day Quote by: Jim Valvano

4 years: My Daddy can do anything!
7 years: My Dad knows a lot…a whole lot.
8 years: My father does not know quite everything.
12 years: Oh well, naturally Father does not know that either.
14 years: Oh, Father? He is hopelessly old-fashioned.
21 years: Oh, that man-he is out of date!
25 years: He knows a little bit about it, but not much.
30 years: I must find out what Dad thinks about it.
35 years: Before we decide, we will get Dad's idea first.
50 years: What would Dad have thought about that?
60 years: My Dad knew literally everything!
65 years: I wish I could talk it over with Dad once more.
- Unknown

When my father died, I moved into the space he left inside me and found out it was where I belonged.
- Farland Fish

A man's worth is measured by how he parents his children. What he gives them, what he keeps away from them, the lessons he teaches and the lessons he allows them to learn on their own.
- Father's Day Quote by: Lisa Rogers

I hope this quotes help you feel better, take care.

answered by Anna | 06-20-2010 at 04:43 PM

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