Pi Beta Phi Ohio University Scandal?

Heard about the Pi Beta Phi scandal. Ohio University's branch of Pi Beta Phi held a winter formal and, just like their sisters at Miami University (of Ohio), they terrorized the place where it was held.

A lawyer representing the Parkersburg Art Center says the Ohio University chapter of Pi Beta Phi caused $46,555 worth of damage to the center at its March 6 event.

What a scandal. What did the people of Pi Beta Phi do to the place?

asked by Faith in Universities | 6077 views | 05-25-2010 at 05:13 PM

Miami University of Ohio has suspended the Pi Beta Phi sorority for a year after a lodge owner complained about damage and unruly behavior at a spring formal including guests urinating in sinks, men scrambling over the bar for drinks, and couples caught having intercourse.

The suspension means the sorority loses its campus dorm suite, can't recruit new members and can't participate as a group in campus activities.

The damage included food fights, drinks deliberately poured on the carpeting and floors, a bathroom sink pulled from the wall after a couple tried to go wild atop it and other vandalism.

Pi Beta Phi issued a statement defending the OU chapter and said the claims are exaggerated.

The sorority also allegedly destroyed over 60 silk flowers valued at $7 a stem.

The center was also charged $90 by the keg supplier after attendees allegedly tore off several tapper mechanisms from the beer kegs, a cost which was covered by the retaining of the sorority's deposit.
The bartender feared for her safety when a number of guests allegedly attempted to tear off her clothing and take the money that was in her apron pocket.

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