Phoebe Prince Bullies Parents?

Phoebe Prince was a girl who died because bullies in her grade bullied her to death so she hung herself in her room.
I don't understand why bullies always do this and come out unscathed in these situations.
They're horrible people, Phoebe Prince was a young girl with a bright future.

And really, what goes on the bullies' minds? I really can't comprehend how anyone can bully another, and even mock/badmouth them after they have passed away like they did with Phoebe Prince.

Where are the bullies parents? They should be sent to jail with their kids.

asked by Jazmine in Law & Ethics | 2287 views | 07-22-2010 at 09:23 PM

This case really affected me.
I couldn't believe this girl would've killed herself over those losers. I mean she must have been tormented real bad. I wonder what kind of Human beings these "Mean Girls" are.

Phoebe Prince was only a 15 yr old girl, she killed herself after relentless bullying by 'popular' girls at her new school. She had moved from Ireland and began dating one of the 'popular' guys, and that rubbed the mean girls the wrong way.

She was called the "Irish b****"
Phoebe Prince killed herself and then the bullies continued to make fun of her even after her death in school and also online in Facebook. They say they have done nothing wrong and continue to bully other kids approaching the media with their bullying experiences.

You're right the parents of the bullies should be held responsible too for doing nothing and raising stupid bullies.

What happened to Phoebe Prince should have never happened and I hope that this haunts those that tormented her, for they deserve nothing less.

answered by Melina | 07-22-2010 at 09:30 PM

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