Is Miley Cyrus Mom Dead in Real Life?

Is miley cyrus's mom dead? In the show she works with her real dad but there's no news about Myley Cyrus' mom.
Is this because Miley's mom is dead in real life?
or is she supposed to be dead on the show? i went on and a question said "how did mileys mom die?" that's why I'm asking.

asked by Idea in Celebrity | 4565 views | 01-06-2010 at 04:49 PM

Miley cyrus`s mom is not dead in real life. Miley Cyrus has a mom. Her name is Trish and she looks a lot like Miley except she has blonde hair. Miley inherited her gorgeous eyes. Miley and her dad were on the cover of People last week and they showed a picture of the entire family.
Miley Cyrus' mom is gorgeous.

All of them are good looking and it seems that Miley's parents are keeping her grounded in reality.

On her show hannah montana her mother is dead, but in real life Tish her mother is still living. This rumor surfaced when miley first apperared on Hannah Montana, because her character doesn't have a mom.

answered by Rumor guy | 01-06-2010 at 04:51 PM

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