Lord Monckton Video?

There was a public talk by Lord Monckton a few days ago and I've been searching for the full video with no luck. Unlike Al Gore’s presentations, Monckton’s presentations are not “secret” and are available to the public. I think the speaking was on October 14th or 15th at a climate skeptic event sponsored by the Minnesota Free Market Institute. Is the complete video on youtube yet?
He also has a Powerpoint presentation used, where can I find that too?

asked by Dusty in Politics | 3254 views | 10-19-2009 at 05:06 PM

Here's the full video of Lord Christopher Monckton speaking at a climate skeptic event:

Great video. But sadly no powerpoints are filmed.
Lord Moncton is very informative and knowledgable about so-called global warming! It's about time somebody shone a light on this scam. There is another video of this going around on you tube except it's the end of the lecture where Mr. Moncton says the United states will be signed over to world government in weeks. Some treaty for Climate Change. I just came across this so i haven't researched it yet. Just thought you should know because many people will not make it to the end of this vid.

answered by Camelue | 10-19-2009 at 05:09 PM

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