How To Decorate Your House For Christmas Outside?

This Christmas I want to decorate my house in the outside really nice because every year all my neighbors do beautiful things and I don't care so much so I didn't pay attention, but this year I felt bad for my kids because they would really like to have a nice decoration in the outside for Christmas so I decided that at least this time I will do something. I'm not to creative to decorate my house, but I like doing it and my kids too so we want to spend this weekend decorating. Christmas is very important for us, we really like to celebrate with family, and I would be really happy if I have more ideas about how to decorate my house in the outside, because my imagination is not so useful. Thanks!!!

asked by Lila in Holidays | 2186 views | 12-11-2012 at 01:10 PM

Decorate your house for Christmas is a perfect opportunity to spend family time doing something that you will enjoy every day when you walk to the front door. Also, your kids are going to be proud of having a house with lights or nice ornaments in the garden.
I will give you some ideas, but of course there are a lot more that you can find. Maybe your imagination is not so good, but I'm sure your kids have a lot, so after you read this, you can tell them what you liked the most and you can ask them if they want to change something, if they liked the idea or what do they want because you can mix these ideas and theirs and make the perfect outside decoration in your house for this Christmas.
If you like the ideas of lights, you can decorate your house with beautiful shapes and colors. You can make it like a tropical location with warm tones of yellow, red and green, everything white if you want to do something original and delicate or three oversized wreaths on the house and large lights as a border for the front lawn, and you can carried them through the garage.
Also, you can decorate without using this lights, with simple wire stars in your plants outside, antique toy soldiers, candy decorations to resemble a gingerbread house, a rustic country theme using really available natural elements, a colorful bright ornaments and a wreath, big presents in the front porch or a wrap red and white all-weather ribbons around a light post or door columns for a candy-cane effect.
You can use your bench for more Christmas decoration in the outside with pinecones, gazing balls and other ornaments or you can put a glass vase with an oversize red candle inside or full them with river rocks, leaves and candles.
I hope I helped you with all this ideas about how to decorate your house in the outside, and I'm sure your kids will have a lot more. Good luck with this Christmas decoration!!!

answered by Sophie | 12-11-2012 at 01:11 PM

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