Gardena CA: High School Shooting?

A Gardena CA high school was locked down Tuesday after a shooting left at least two people wounded and one in custody.

One California high school student was shot in the head and a second student was struck in the neck today when a gun inside a backpack accidentally went off in a school hallway.

It is understood that both injuries came from a single bullet. The owner of the gun fled to a nearby classroom.

What is the identity of the gunman responsible of the high school shooting in Gardena, California? Was it really an accident?

asked by Darren in Law & Ethics | 3175 views | 01-19-2011 at 01:10 AM

Police believe the gunman, a black male wearing black clothing, is a student at Gardena High School in California.

He started bringing the gun to campus to protect himself after he had been in a fight outside of school. An incident that made him fear for his safety.

Doctors said a single bullet went through a boy's neck before hitting a female student in the head. The boy's injuries were not life threatening. The girl remains in critical condition.

Although designated staff members at Gardena High School are authorized to search students with hand-held metal detectors, a student said the inspections never occurred.

answered by Brody | 01-19-2011 at 01:11 AM

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