Homemade Mothers Day Gift Ideas To Make?

What are some good homemade mothers day gift ideas to make?
I made something awesome for my dad his day, but now i don't know what to do for my mother. Any ideas preferably homemade?
I have no money and don't know what to get for my mother or what to make for her.

i guess all mothers like the same things to an extent.

I don't just want to go out and buy something for my mother on her day, I want to do something for her, i remember hearing about people giving home made 'tokens' for family members to spend.

Anyway, can anyone help with ideas for a mothers day gift that I can make at home?
Thanks appreciate it to whoever answers

asked by Zion in Holidays | 3058 views | 04-27-2010 at 09:04 PM

Make your mother a card, that's what I did for my mother last year. I just got some colored paper, drew something on the front cover, put ribbon on it and on the inside I got a poem. Really nice idea for mothers. Or cookies, those are always good! Draw something, or make a collage
Parents always appreciate portraits of their families, children, grandchildren, etc.

if you know how to sew you can make a pillow or if you know how to knit you can make a hat or scarf.

My friend is going to give her mother a small basket of things that she likes such as candy, a novel, gift card, new watch, a few things she like and her favorite flowers.

answered by Helen | 04-27-2010 at 09:09 PM

How about writing her a letter of why she's special to you and some of your favorite memories with her. Or a "coupon" book with coupons of things you can do together and she can use them whenever she wants.

Also, pictures, moms love pictures of their kids!

answered by Carly | 04-27-2010 at 09:09 PM

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