Guardians Of The Free Republics Wiki?

I was searching for the Wiki article of the Guardians Of The Free Republics but there doesn't seem to be a wikipedia page about them yet.

Governors across the country are receiving letters from a group called Guardians of the free Republics claiming that if they do not leave office within three days, they will be removed.

Is there a wiki article and I just couldn't find it?

This week's threats against at least 30 governors are another example of anti-government sentiments making waves in the United States in recent months.

Who are the Guardians Of The Free Republics and what is it that they want with this petition?

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You're right, there is no wiki article of the Guardians Of The Free Republics yet.
There will be a wiki article soon though.

This week some letters from a group calling themselves the Guardians of Free Republics demanded some 30 governors leave office or they will be removed.

The Governors of Louisiana and Michigan are two of the more than 30 state officials and chief executives named in letters from the Guardians of Free Republics anti-government group under investigation by the FBI.

Either governors agree to go along with the group's "Restore America Plan," or the group's "de jure grand juries" will remove them from office. Authorities say they don't anticipate any danger from the actual Guardians Of The Free Republics' threats, but worry that the declarations against all the governors could provoke someone else to react violently.

Fear of words turning to violence has been a theme in national discourse since the healthcare-reform vote. Last week, several Democratic lawmakers said they were threatened or attacked over passage of healthcare reform. Tensions heightened as Republican leaders fought back against suggestions that they were somehow responsible.

Guardians of the free Republics claims on its Web site it wants to "restore America" by peacefully dismantling parts of the government.

Governors whose offices have received the letter, the Associated Press reports, include Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Chet Culver of Iowa, Dave Heineman of Nebraska, Jim Gibbons of Nevada, and Gary Herbert of Utah, where officials stepped up security in response to the letter.

Other steps in the Guardians Of The Free Republics' plan include "establishing bogus courts, calling of 'de jure' grand juries, and issuing so-called 'legal orders' to gain control of the state," the note said.

Video of the Guardians Of The Free Republics.

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