Sheri Lynn Davis Beating Video?

Sheri Lynn Davis is the Houston teacher who beat the student and was fired as a science teacher at Jamie's House Charter School, a centre for children with disciplinary issues in Houston, Texas.

Youtube is deleting all the video that show Sheri Lynn Davis beating the student.
Any other video sites where I can watch the video?

Is the video of Sheri Lynn Davis's beating so bad that it has to be removed?

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Sheri Lynn Davis was caught in video dragging Isaiah, kicking him and slapping him in front of other students and even another teacher for more than a minute.

There is currently a lawsuit against Sheri Lynn Davis. Included in the lawsuit are the school, Jamie’s House Charter School and a teacher who appears on camera towards the end of the video.

The alternative school where the alleged incident happened is also named in the suit - accused of negligence for trying to cover up the attack. Earlier this week the school fired Davis, who grabbed national headlines, but only after the video emerged showing the beating.

Sheri Lynn Davis is said to have lost her patience (to say the least) when a physically challenged student was chided for his dancing abilities. It is unknown whether Johnson was a part of the crowd who made fun of the student, or if he was just an innocent bystander who got in the way at the wrong time. Johnson now states that Davis beat him before--two months prior to this incident.

Video of Sheri Lynn Davis beating the student.

After her firing, it was learned Sheri Lynn Davis had a warrant out for her arrest since March 2009, according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office. The D.A's office said Davis was accused of slashing a woman's car tires, all four of them, and she was wanted on a "criminal mischief" charge.

Sheri Lynn Davis spoke alongside her attorney at a press conference on Friday afternoon.

"First off I would like to thank everyone that has showed a tremendous amount of support for me at this time," said Davis. "To my family and my friends, you've been awesome in displaying what true unconditional love is really about, and I thank you for that. Also to the students and the staff at Jamie's House Charter School. I appreciate you for all the support you've given me as well."

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