Teterboro Plane Crash VIDEO?

Another mishap happened at Teterboro Airport in the early morning hours today. Is there a video of the Teterboro Plane Crash?

asked by Anne in Buying & Selling | 5739 views | 08-21-2009 at 06:01 PM

I don't think there's a video of the moment the plane crashed. Here's a picture:

At about 3:05 a.m., the plane tried to abort a landing at the airport but then flew over the highway, clipped a 35-foot tree in front of a business and crashed into a grassy area of a neighboring warehouse parking lot. The pilot and co-pilot walked away from the fiery wreckage on their own.
Teterboro is the same airport where a plane took off earlier this month before colliding with a sightseeing helicopter over the Hudson River. Nine people were killed aboard the two aircraft.

answered by George | 08-21-2009 at 06:04 PM

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