Super Bowl 2014 Meadowlands Stadium?

The National Football League announced that the Super Bowl 2014 will be held in the New Meadowlands Stadium, raising the possibility that the championship game could be played in snowy conditions for the first time.

The Giants and Jets, which were part of the bid along with the New Meadowlands Stadium Co., beat out Tampa, Fla., and South Florida despite concerns about cold weather—the game is played in early February, according to the NFL's current schedule.

he Super Bowl 2014 in the Meadowlands Stadium probably has most big time NFL fans checking twice to make sure this isn’t a joke.

What do you think about this decision?

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The New Meadowlands Stadium, the $1.6 billion jewel co-owned by the New York Giants and Jets, will host the 2014 Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl does not belong in New Jersey -- just like it did not belong in Detroit or Minneapolis. The Super Bowl belongs in a city that people want to travel to in the dead of winter.

Snowstorms, ice storms or sub-zero arctic blasts in the Super Bowl 2014?
No one doubts New York will put on a good show, but that’s not the point of hosting the Super Bowl.

I personally think they should have a superbowl stadium built specifically for the superbowl.

The official tag line of the New York/New Jersey bid was "Make Some History," and it did. It will be the first open-air stadium in a cold-weather region to host a Super Bowl. In their presentation to the membership, the Jets and Giants reps showed a video that included clips from historic cold-weather games, including Adam Vinatieri's forever field goal for the Patriots in the 2001 divisional playoffs in Foxborough, Mass. -- a.k.a. "The Snow Bowl" and "The Tuck Rule Game."

The New York bid first gained momentum in December, when owners waived a rule that called for outdoor Super Bowls to be played in cities where the average February temperature is at least 50 degrees. In fact, the bid exploited the possibility of bad weather, encouraging owners to go “old school” in playing a game that could rival some of the most memorable in N.F.L. history because they were played in the elements.

New York became the clear favorite for 2014 at the most recent Super Bowl — played in South Florida — when Commissioner Roger Goodell, whose tenure has been marked by a desire to break from the status quo, indicated that he found the idea of a New York game attractive.

Since the planning time for such an event is so huge, Super Bowl authorities will most likely wait until after they try the Super Bowl in the Meadowlands Stadium before planning another one in a cold climate. That could mean 2019 or even 2020 before a cold-weather city is awarded the biggest game in NFL.

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