Susan Powell Update 2010?

Susan Powell is the girl that went missing a while ago. What's the latest update in 2010? I heard that over the weekend police in Idaho Falls found the remains of a woman and were investigating the possibility that it may be Susan Powell's body. The body was badly decomposed, but dental records would identify if it was Susan Powell or not. Two women have been reported missing the in area where the body was found.

So what's the latest update about Susan Powell in 2010?

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Susan Powell went missing from Salt Lake City, Utah in early December and some rescuers have stated that a body may not be found until spring after the snow melts. The latest update is that it was announced Monday that a body was found just three hours away, many wondered if it could have been Susan.

The skeletal remains of a woman were found in Bonneville County, near the city of Ammon, Idaho, on Friday. Authorities with the West Valley City Police Department confirmed that the body does not belong to Susan Powell.

While they did not find Susan, and the evidence they did find may not be linked to Susan, the fact that a group of trained professionals, representatives from the BLM, Tooele Sheriff's department deputies, family and friends of Susan, and others, all got together to help in the search for clues into her disappearance, is something that's been a long time coming and appreciated by all those who have grown to know and love Susan.

Kiirsi Hellewell, a friend of Susan Powell, is gauging public interest for participation in another flier campaign on Saturday.

"We would like to pass out fliers in the neighborhood, going door to door in pairs, to show that we are still looking for Susan," Hellewell said, noting that a "social media blitz" launched in January brought in new tips and that additional fliers could also help bring in new information.

She said those participating in the search would gather after handing out fliers for Powell to eat dinner and share thoughts about Powell. Tuesday marks the four-month disappearance of Powell, who was last seen Dec. 6 and reported missing Dec. 7.

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