Malik Sealy Car Accident Death?

Malik Sealy was not the greatest NBA player, but he was very solid. Malik Sealy was Kevin Garnet's very best friend.
But Malik Sealy died in a car accident. He was killed by a drunk driver who was on his second DUI crash, and he would get two more, before being imprisoned for an 8-year stretch he is currently serving.
What are the details of Malik Sealy's death? I think Malik wasn't wearing a seat belt, is it true? How many years have passed since Malik Sealy's death?

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Malik Sealy was killed in St. Louis Park, Minnesota on May 20, 2000. He was driving home from a birthday celebration for teammate and best friend Kevin Garnett in downtown Minneapolis when his sport utility vehicle was struck by a pickup truck traveling the wrong way down the highway.

Malik was drafted with the 14th overall pick by the Indiana Pacers in the 1992 NBA Draft. He played for eight seasons in the NBA, for the Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit Pistons, and Minnesota Timberwolves.

As a player, Sealy made a game winning reverse putback shot at the buzzer against the Orlando Magic on December 29, 1999 which gave the T-Wolves a 107-105 road win. He also made a game-winning 3-pointer off the backboard as time ran out in a 101-100 Minnesota Timberwolves win over the Indiana Pacers on January 17, 2000.

Sealy was also an aspiring actor. He had a major part as the player 'Stacey Patton' in the 1996 motion picture Eddie. He also made appearances on TV shows such as The Sentinel and Diagnosis Murder.

"What I want to do is contribute positively to the team I am on!" Those
were the words uttered by Malik Sealy once he became a member of the
Minnesota Timberwolves just two seasons ago. His NBA career came to a
screeching halt last weekend when he was killed in a head-on car crash in

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