Van Morrison Baby Hoax?

There was an announcement on Van Morrison's official website earlier this week that said Van Morrison, was the proud father of a new baby, George Ivan Morrison III.
Is it true that the whole baby thing was hoax? Who posted the news on Van Morrison's site then?

asked by Julia in Music | 2057 views | 12-31-2009 at 06:27 PM

The story that Van Morrison had welcomed a new baby boy, George Ivan Morrison III, has found to be an internet hoax, and the 64-year-old singer has stated himself that his website was hacked and he has not become a father once again.

Van Morrison has denied reports that he has become a father of a baby again at 64. The statement which was briefly on Tuesday announced the birth of George Ivan Morrison and said the child was "the spitting image of his daddy."

Van Morrison baby announcement and claims are a hoax posted by a hacker.

answered by Breanna | 12-31-2009 at 06:28 PM

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