NHRA Death: Neal Parker Crash Video?

Neal Parker, a veteran drag racing driver was killed when his car crashed during a qualifying round at the National Hot Rod Association SuperNationals in New Jersey on Friday. The video was shown several times on TV.

Parker was wrestling the steering wheel of his ’48 Fiat altered, muscling it all the way to the right — and the car was on a straight-arrow run down the lane. He then crashed.

I would like to see the online video of the NHRA death so I can show it to my brother. Is there any video of the crash on the web?

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Neal Parker's ran through a net at the end of a track and died of head injuries after crashing at a “high rate of speed” during a qualifying round at the NHRA SuperNationals at Raceway Park in Old Bridge, N.J., the state police said. Neal Parker was entered in the Top Alcohol Funny Car competition. The crash occurred shortly before noon. He was pronounced dead at the scene, the police said. “It looked like the chute just didn’t open and he couldn’t stop,” said David Farrah, a spectator. “The car was just crushed.”
There is a video of the crash but it was removed from youtube.

Parker ran his career best time and speed during the noon race, but his chute never opened, according to a results page on the website for the NHRA, short for the National Hot Rod Association. The car went off the track and into the sand, the site said.

NHRA officials at the track said Parker crashed at a high rate of speed after passing a slow-down area.

The race car’s parachute, used to slow the vehicle, failed to deploy, sending the vehicle and driver hurtling off the end of the track, shooting past a safety runoff area, through a gravel trap, breaching several safety nets and finally crashing into water-filled barrels, said Graham Light, National Hot Rod Association’s vice president of race operations.

Mr. Parker was pronounced dead at the raceway.

The NHRA in its statement said it offered "sincere condolences to the entire Parker family."

Funny Car driver Bob Tasca, who began in the Top Alcohol Funny Car class, said, “We need people to save us from ourselves. We get in these cars and feel like we’re Superman. And we’re not.”

I've been searching for the crash video myself and I still can't find it. As soon as I find the video I'll post it.

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Neal Parker often drove in NHRA events on the East Coast, but was not among the NHRA's top-ranked drivers nationally.
This crash comes two years after Scott Kalitta died when his Funny Car burst into flames and crashed at the end of the track in central New Jersey.

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