Arne Backstrom Ski Accident Death?

According to Freeskier Magazine and the Sierra Sun newspaper, Arne Backstrom, younger brother of Ingrid Backstrom, passed away yesterday after a fall in Peru. Backstrom was on a ski mountaineering trip with Sweetgrass Productions. He was 29.

How did the accident happen?

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Crystal Mountain reports that the fall happened on Pisco Mountain, in the Cordillera Blanca region of the South American country.
Details on the exact location and incident are unconfirmed and sketchy at this time. Family and friends are still being notified.

Arne Backstrom was most recently in the Warren Miller production "Dynasty" - which was partly set at Crystal Mountain.

Backstrom lived in Tahoe but grew up in Burien where he attended Highline High School. He earned a chemistry degree from Walla Walla’s Whitman College and still made regular visits to Crystal Mountain where his parents, Steve and Betsy, serve on the ski patrol.

His sister, Ingrid, and brother, Ralph, also mastered the family sport at Crystal. Ingrid Backstrom is considered by many to be the world’s best women’s free skier and Ralph Backstrom is a professional snowboarder.

“He was kind and gentle,” said Tiana Enger, Crystal’s spokeswoman. “We lost a great one.”

Backstrom's parents, Steve and Betsy, are volunteer ski patrollers at Washington's Crystal Mountain, where Arne raced growing up.

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