Dartford Cemetery?

I am a huge fan of the Discovery Channel's TV show "A Haunting." I've always loved ghost stories. The show has a spooky host walking you through a real life ghost story. I missed the episode "Legend Trippers" where some teens visit Dartford Cemetery. What happened in that episode?

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The most recent episode was called "Legend Trippers." Three brave teenagers take it upon themselves to investigate their town's local legend. A "Legend Tripper" is someone who casually investigates alleged haunted places so they can decide for themselves if it is haunted.

The teens go to "Dartford Cemetery" which is located in Greenlake, Wisconsin. Legend has it that if you sit upon the top of the mausoleum a ghost will push you off.

The show starts off with some teens sneaking into the cemetery late one night. They take a peek at an Indian grave first. According to the website featured on the show "Unexplained Research" apparitions of an Indian chief have been known to repeatedly appear. The teens climb upon the mausoleum and then start to tell the story of what happened on Halloween to some teens from their school.

The story: A teen, Nick gets online in search of something fun for him and his friends to do on Halloween night. He comes across the website "Unexplained Research" which has a list of supposed haunted places in Wisconsin. He decides to go to "Dartford Cemetery". This "Legend Trip" has a dare which is something the seeker must do in order to prompt the super natural occurrence. This dare is to sit on top of the mausoleum. So, of course Nick and his friends (John & Christian) decide to take the dare.

The fact simple that these boys are walking through a cemetery at night on Halloween is creepy enough for me. They walk around the cemetery and try to provoke a ghost to come out. But nothing happens except one guy playing a joke on another. They do climb upon the mausoleum and after awhile they see a crack. This scares them since it wasn't there before. They climb down and before John can get down he is pushed. He yells telling his friends someone just pushed him! The two other guys are shocked since they didn't even tell their friend about the legend for fear he'd be too scared to join them. Nick heads back to the car with John since he's a little more than freaked out. The other guy Christian, though wants to check things out a little more. Brave guy, right? I guess they didn't remember one of the major rules of horror movies. NEVER SPLIT UP!

More and more spooky things keep each happening to each of the boys like names and dates changing on tomb stones & seeing people. The confused and scared boys head home not speaking of what they saw. Only later after Nick has a dream about the cemetery they decide to talk about it. The story passes from one teller to the next.

The show returns to the original teens who were checking out "Dartford Cemetery" and I feel their experience was VERY creepy. Evil seems to follow them outside the cemetery!

I am sure this show will draw a lot of people to be one of the many Legend Trippers. But Nick and his friends will never return! I personally don't blame them.

The show also showed information on another haunted location called "Witch Road" which is located in Rosendale, Wisconsin. You can find more information on Witch Road at "Unexplained Research."

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This is from a guy who actually visited Dartford Cementery:

Our impression of the cemetery was that of a peaceful yet inactive one. Honestly we appear to have more activity at our own hometown graveyard than this Hollywood inspired thriller. Rather than a sensation of being watched followed we had a very calm and relaxing feeling throughout the investigation. Another claim as shown on the Discovery channels show was that the gravestones themselves will glow. This was easily debunked as there is a highway which runs parallel to the graveyard and as a car drives by its headlights reflect off of the gravestones generating a unique but explainable glow like effect from one gravestone to the next. The street lights will also cast there brilliance off a stone here or there further perpetuating the glow myth.

The show also claimed that the teenagers were constantly being tripped or as if something were grabbing their feet. This was quickly experienced by our team, unfortunately the headstones are VERY old and many of them stand less than half a foot tall. As one walks through a dimly lit "graveyard" you are constantly tripping over the damn things by accident. Furthermore due to the age of the stones some were covered by a dark moss and were so dark as to blend into the foliage.

Noises and conversations were also purported. This one too was easily dismissed. The SMALL graveyard is surrounded by houses, and one of hte homes had a television on which we could clearly hear in the graveyard itself. The wind tended to carry a quiet conversation between our team members quite a far distance. We ourselves unfortunately never experienced anything any of us would consider paranormal in nature concerning audible noises.

The mausoleum itself was the big deal breaker. The claim is supposedly by sitting on top of the children’s mausoleum the sprits will become angered and will "push" you off. We sat our cold Wisconsin butts on top of this damn thing making routy noises, provoking, and kicking the edges of it only to have absolutely no response or spiritual activity what so ever, much less a aggressive push. The roof of the mausoleum is slanted and it is very difficult to find a stable position to just sit, it is our opinion that part of the reason for witnesses claims of being pushed is rather the witness attempting to move and slipping as a result of losing the very narrow point of stability the roof of the mausoleum offers. We sat there for well over half an hour freezing with no so much as a accidental nudge...

At no time did any of our team members experience a full body apparition or shadow like people. There are LOTS of shadows moving in the graveyard, however none of them move independent on their own accord. There are lots of large trees throughout the graveyard and the street lights surrounding cast a very clear shadow from the limps of the branches which when windy (like it was last night) tend to sway and bend. This movement looks as if the shadows themselves are moving (which they are!) but there is nothing supernatural about this common occurrence. All in all i was very disappointed and think the Discovery Channel tends to over dramatize stories, rather than to depict the mundane nature of real events.

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