Jordan Fish Cheerleader?

I really like the nascar scenary. I mean beautiful girls like Jordan Fish.
Jordan is Denny Hamlinís girlfriend. From what I can tell, Hamlin is a reasonably skilled NASCAR driver. Word is that they werenít serious until recently.
Fish is actually one of the Lady Cats cheerleaders that dances at Charlotte Bobcats games. She looks so nice. It is a shame there's not many pictures of her on the web. Have you heard of Jordan Fish the cheerleader?

asked by Landon in Controversy | 25076 views | 12-12-2009 at 03:05 AM

I know Jordan Fish for some time now.

She started in 07-08, took 08-09 off, and is now back in the fold. In a recent interview, she stated that she had achieved “some personal goals” in her year off.
It’s pretty much impossible to resist the ridiculous good looks of jordan Fish. No wonder she's a cheerleader.
Some of the best pictures of Jordan Fish:

jordan fish

jordan fish2

jordan fish3

answered by Tommy | 12-12-2009 at 03:09 AM

post those again
only one is showing up, i need to see some more

answered by Guest | 01-17-2010 at 07:37 PM

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