Molly Haggerty Al Gore Scandal?

The Portland, Oregon Police Department officially reopened the Al Gore sexual assault case after Molly Haggerty, the 54-year-old masseuse who had accused Al Gore with attempted rape in 2006 and 2009, called him a "pervert and sexual predator" in the latest issue of the National Enquirer.
I would like to know what Al Gore's has to say about this scandal.

Police did not say why they are reopening the investigation. They previously closed it due what they said was insufficient evidence provided by Molly Haggerty.

Apparently they have reasons to do it, otherwise they wouldn't care.
Did Al Gore say anything about this scandal and Molly Haggerty?

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There's no new evidence in the case, and certainly reason to be skeptical about the scandal.
Longtime Portland District Attorney Michael Schrunk ordered the case reopened this week after public criticism of the department's handling of the initial investigation, which was dismissed for "insufficient evidence."

Molly Hagerty, a 54-year-old licensed massage therapist went public for the first time, demanding the case be reopened. Hagerty made her allegations in an exclusive interview in "The National Enquirer" which routinely pays sources for interviews.

Hagerty, who describes herself as a licensed massage therapist catering to VIP clients in music and sports, met Gore when she answered a late-night call for a massage at a luxury downtown Portland hotel, The Lucia, in Oct 2006.

The Washington Post reported last week that Hagerty wanted $1 million for the story. According to police transcripts, the masseuse -- who said she voted for Gore in the 2000 presidential race -- said Gore called her to a downtown hotel room where he made unwanted advances and acted abusive.

Molly Hagerty is pictured in the National Enquirer holding a bag containing what she says are a pair of her trousers that may have been stained by Mr Gore, at the time clad only in an open bathrobe.

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