Miss USA 2010 Scandal Pictures?

To promote the 2010 Miss USA contest, the pageant is being criticized by some people for posting pictures of the contestants that some think are a bit scandalous.
The people at the Miss USA 2010 pageant call the pictures "tasteful."
Basically the contestant pose in lingerie for the cameras, Donal Trump who is the owner of the Miss USA 2010 pageant is defending the scandal pictures, he says they're alright.

Where can I see the pictures?

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When you first think of the word Miss USA the first image that comes to your mind is a preppy small town girl. The Miss USA 2010 has started out with racy photos of the contestants mirroring what you might see on an adult magazine.

This year, all 51 Miss USA contestants have posed for their official photos wearing seductive expressions on their faces and not a whole lot else on their bodies. Taken by fashion photographer Fadil Berisha in dramatic black-and-white, the shots feature lacy lingerie, fishnets, smudged black eyeliner, knee-high boots, ample cleavage and plenty of bare skin, all while positioned in seductive poses on a large bed.

These are some of the Miss USA 2010 scandal pictures.

Miss USA 2010 Scandal

Miss USA 2010 Scandal2

Miss USA 2010 Scandal3

These pictures are not that scandalous in my opinion.
The photos seemed designed to generate controversy and buzz about the pageant.

"The Miss USA pageant," says HollywoodReporter Editor Andrew Wallenstein, "is very calculatedly trying to get attention by doing something controversial. The more people who hear about it beforehand, the more likely they are to tune in."

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump, owner of the Miss USA franchise and never one to shy away from controversy, shared his thoughts during Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning.

"I think they've gone maybe a little over the top this year. These pictures are pretty wild," said The Donald, before adding: "But the girls are incredible."

A rep for Donald Trump and the Miss Universe Organization, which also operates Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, said the pictures are a reflection of their ongoing attempt to break the stereotype of a “pageant princess” and instead promote a smart and sophisticated modern woman.

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