My Hard Drive is Missing?

I have upgraded my PC from vista to windows 7, the new operating system from Microsoft. After the upgrade one of the partitioned drives is missing.
How do I make the drive appear again? I hope it's not deleted! Help me get my drive back.

asked by Guest_ in Internet | 2357 views | 01-09-2010 at 01:10 PM

IMy hard drive was missing too.
In my case, the list of drives goes up to "H", one of the hard drives was not showing in "My Computer" and I tried going to "Start/run", but it wasn't there either.

Seems like you have been infected with a fun list of trojans and malware. I fixed my issue removing all this stuff. To access you drives, explore the recycle bin and then in the address bar type C:\ and hit enter, that will allow you to view your files. Search for SDFix using any of your favorite search engines. Exctract it to C:\SDFix. READ all the information and help files. Boot into SAFE MODE, if you can't you can run the SDfix from regular mode and I think it gives you the option to re-enable booting into SAFE MODE. Follow all directions, let it run, it may seem like it is frozen for a few minutes, but it is doing much stuff. After that is done, search for KillBox, Rogue Remover, SuperAntiSpyware FREE, run those and that should solve your problems...
After I did all this, my hard drive was there again. BACKUP ALL FILES that are IMPORTANT to you BEFORE attempting to fix this nasty mess.

answered by Alfred | 01-10-2010 at 07:51 PM

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