Is Christmas Eve a Federal Holiday?

How is christmas eve celebrated in america? Are banks open on Christmas Eve? is christmas eve a federal holiday? I was reading digg and I found a post that said Bush made Christmas Eve a Federal Holiday, how come?

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Federal holiday?

Most federal workers will be getting a bonus, half-a-day-before-Christmas holiday this year, proving that history, at least some times, repeats itself.

In part.

President Obama's decision to give nonemergency feds half a day off on December 24th puts him in good company.

In addition to being a nice gesture for millions of federal workers it could also be considered as a badly-needed stimulus to the economy.

Imagine giving nearly 2 million people from Huntsville, Ala., to San Francisco and DC, with steady jobs and incomes, an extra few hours to shop and eat out.

Banks will be open on Christmas Eve, but may close noon or 2 or 3pm......they may also stay open regular hours, and may operate on a skeleton crew....but Banks cannot be closed more than 3 days by law, unless by act of flood or Hurricane etc. That is the only exception.

Express mail will be delivered both on the 24th and on Christmas day. Christmas is the one season of the year when you may receive regular parcels on a Sunday. There is no scheduled delivery, every office has to make the decision on its own, but if the local office gets swamped it can happen. I once got stuck delivering boxes of fruit on a Christmas Sunday. There was so much I had to use one of the two ton trucks.

answered by Waki | 12-24-2009 at 04:16 PM

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