Ladybug Infestation in House?

How do I deal with a ladybug infestation?
There are a lot of ladybugs on my house's backyard right now, is there a spray or a bug bomb that I should use to get rid of them? It's truly an infestation, they're everywhere.
Me and my husband have never seen anything like this before and we have no idea what to do. They are everywhere and obviously coming in via the front door. Can anyone recommend any products to deal with this, or do we need to call an exterminator? Please help.

asked by Daisy in Other - Pets & Animals | 3107 views | 10-20-2009 at 08:45 PM

It sucks to have an infestation. Ladybugs are going into their hibernation period, and in doing so, they tend to form large groups.

I wouldn't worry about them too much. If you start to notice some damage to your plants, it may coincide with their arrival and would possibly be a good idea to invest in some pesticide. Typically they only feed on aphids, but when their primary food source is short, they will eat what is available - plants.

We use to vacuum them up or squish them (but they release something even when touched, and smell so horrid!)

I have heard some people spraying bug spray and some people use very soapy dish liquid & water spray.

You other option is to get a hose-end sprayer and spray the sides of your house with malathion or sevin. This will kill most of them before they can get between the walls. The downside is you have to do it every year. The first year may be an emergency and your only option but do you really want to have to spray your house every year? And who wants to live in a house coated with pesticide?

answered by Catherine | 10-20-2009 at 08:49 PM

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