Was Christopher Columbus a Good Man?

Out of all the famous people throughout history, only few can earn the title “good man”. I think Christopher Columbus was not a good man, but he is the “good man” that changed the world.
Columbus was aiming to find a route to the Indies. Stumbling upon the islands in the Caribbean, the welcoming natives he met seemed like the ideal people to use as servants and teach Christianity to. Spices and gold were Columbus’ real ambitions. The greed he gained can change any man into an entirely different person. The diseases brought by the Europeans easily dropped the native population. He smuggled slaves, which some died along the journey. That can be circumstantial, because we can agree that slaves were not pampered on ships.
Many can say Columbus is evil because of genocide. He didn’t care for the people, he just wanted the gold. What do you think, was Christopher a good man?

asked by Jake in History | 19679 views | 10-12-2009 at 05:51 PM

Yes, Columbus discovered America, but do you know how many deaths and how much destruction it cost? He was not a good man.
Columbus went to explore the ocean and he found a new continent, North America. He was actually looking for India and its gold but found a different place. Exploration of North America brought so many bad things to people. All of those things happened because of Columbus. It makes one want to say that Columbus is a villain.
Arguments rage today about whether he even “discovered” America, since not only did people already live here, but Europeans—evidence particularly supports the Vikings—had been here before.

So he's some sort of fake hero.

answered by Tomio | 10-12-2009 at 05:53 PM

bad bad
I think Christopher Columbus was a bad bad man just my opinion no offense

answered by Guest | 03-23-2010 at 06:13 PM

Yes, we can all agree that Columbus wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but he was in fact the first European to discover America. And this haven we call the United States could not have existed without him. Columbus also added to the map of the world and helped prove that Earth was a sphere and not flat. He had a goal and he immediately pursued it, and that makes him a good man. (Also because the things we consider murder and slavery were just natural at the time. If we lived back then we would probably do the same)

answered by SrgSeany | 10-11-2010 at 05:39 PM

Columbus is the admiral of the sea
Was he a good man? Who are we to judge? For when we judge whether someone is good or bad is it based on our perception and that perception is based on how we live today, what is acceptable to day and what we consider the norm of behavior today.
Columbus was a great leader who had a dream and a goal and did not back down from it. The Europeans had no idea that they were bringing diseased to the new world. It was not their intent. They were ignorant in medicine and disease and full of superstitions surrounding disease. So you judge one man over what they had no clue about, no science about, no way of knowing?
Columbus said this in his own words about the native Americans:

"These people have no religion, neither are they idolaters, but are a very GENTLE RACE, without the knowledge of any iniquity, they NEITHER KILL, NOR STEAL, NOR CARRY WEAPONS. They have a knowledge that there is a God above, and are firmly persuaded that we have come from heaven."

That does not sound like an evil man.

answered by Katerina | 10-13-2010 at 12:11 AM

Christopher Columbus was not a good man. He was an evil slave-trading pig who murdered native Americans. He was also known as a genocidal murderer, so there, not a good person at all.

answered by Guest | 07-03-2011 at 06:50 PM

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s Christopher Columbus!!! Wait…you mean that guy that discovered America? YEAH! It’s the same guy that still brings constant debate over whether he’s really that great. Many things that people now consider wrong were not Columbus’s fault but were actually done by the rest of Europe. Columbus was accused of stealing the native’s gold, but the gold was actually demanded by King Ferdinand. Columbus’s discovery of America wasn’t any worse than what would have happened with any other country. If another country had found America then it still would have been the same way. If Columbus hadn’t found America and someone else had found it years later then our civilization wouldn’t be as developed as it is now. Columbus also broke the barrier between the Europeans and the mystery that remained over the sea.

answered by Guest | 09-06-2011 at 12:19 AM

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