Where Are The Faroe Islands Located?

We are thinking of going this year. What is the place like and how much do general things cost? What are the nicest spots to visit?
And most importantly, where are the Faroe Islands located on the world map?
Has anyone ever been and is it good or is there anything I should know about it?

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The Faroe Islands are located in Northern Europe, island group between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, about half way between Iceland and Norway.

They have mild winters, cool summers; usually overcast; foggy, windy.

Fishing and tourism is what they depend on for their economy.

I have had friends go there and they have loved it but the problem is is that the Faroe Islands are incredibly expensive, being islands and also very far from the European continent. When I was in Iceland, things there cost 2 times as much as mainland Europe and I believe my friends said the same of the Faroe Islands. But if you are going for a very special experience, you will have an amazing time there.

Torshavn is a very nice city, over a millennium old, and houses the Faroe Island parliament. The city has public transportation so you will not have to worry about getting a car. It has only about 20k residents so it is a very small town, but for them, it is large. There are some museums and cultural attractions but since it is so small, you will have no problems finding anything. And the locals are very friendly.

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Faroe Islands
I was in the Faroes in July and it was absolutely spectacular - I have travelled all over the world and I can safely say it was some of the best scenery ever (we were lucky enough to have some sun as well). Torshavn is a pleasant place but any visitor simply must see as much as the islands as possible, so either take a tour or at least bite the bullet and hire a car for 2 or 3 days. We sailied to Mykines and hiked for 5 hours to see the puffins and that was all wonderful. The Faroes are incredibly expensive so you do have to watch what you spend. There must be ways of economising there, maybe self-catering and it might be worth looking into this, if you are desperate to go. I can highly recommend it anyway.

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