Hide and Seek Movie Spoiler?

I'm about to see the movie hide and seek. I love dakota fanning and i wanna see every movie shes done but im not sure about this one. all the gore. i dont care about spoilers just somebody tell me what happens. i dont mean a 5 word sentance but like a complete explanation?

asked by Derek in Movies | 5124 views | 10-01-2009 at 05:22 PM

The actual ending of the movie is that Dakota Fanning's character goes to live with Katherine, who killed De Niro, at her home. As she is leaving for school the camera pans to a drawing she made of herself with two heads, indicated she is also has a split personality.

The ending with the institution, depending on which one you saw since there are two alternate institution endings as well, was used because it implied Fanning's character was just as dangerous as her father. They didn't use it in the film because of the exact reason you mentioned.

answered by Tom | 10-01-2009 at 05:23 PM

o for those of you who want to know the big secret of Hide and Seek but don't feel like actually plunking down your lettuce to see a film that will doubtlessly suck, this is the review for you. Herein I will reveal the mystery of this tepid, horribly predictable thriller that all but knocks once-great Robert DeNiro from his twitchy, squinty throne of actorly awesomeness and establishes Dakota Fanning as the new Juliette Lewis, who -- after being psychologically tormented by Robert DeNiro -- is destined to be batshit insane in every role she plays for the rest of her career.

My reasoning for revealing the twist is simple: the entire movie falls flat because of it, and it's basically impossible to discuss anything about the film without addressing it. Just in the way that the film tries to shoot around, write around, and dance around the enormous implausibility that makes up the core surprise of the story, trying to review the film without revealing it would be a similar exercise. And as I already had to suffer through two hours of talented actors and competent filmmakers ignoring the giant pink elephant in the middle of the living room, I don't care to repeat the experience here. So if you don't want to know what happens in Hide and Seek, stop reading right now.

In case you didn't pick it up from the commercials, our dear friend Bobby D. is, indeed, his daughter's new imaginary friend Charlie. After the questionable suicide of his wife (Amy Irving, in an utterly thankless role), psychologist David Callaway (DeNiro) moves his adorable yet understandably scarred daughter Emily (Dakota Fanning) to upstate New York to try to overcome the tragedy through isolation, cold, and the complete absence of any sort of joy or happiness (hey -- does this guy have a public practice? I love his approach!). Ensconced in a giant house on the edge of a creepy woods, David and Emily soon are visited by a new character, the elusive Charlie, who visits Emily when David is busy scribbling in his journals and who seems to have a clear agenda: drive David insane.

answered by Lucas | 10-01-2009 at 05:23 PM

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