Fit to Fat to Fit Again Pictures?

Drew Manning is a personal trainer who's on a mission to gain 70 pounds so he can know what it feels like to be fat and unhealthy.
He's already very fat I've been told. Are there pictures of how he looks like now?
He says on his blog that his diet will be unrestricted and he will refrain from any exercise during his fat stage.
This guy plans to regain his previous weight and be fit again, and he wants to do everything in just 12 months.
I think it's a pretty cool experiment. Are there before and after pictures of him, where I can see how he looked like when he was fit and how he looks like now that he's fat?

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Here are some pictures he posted in his blog, which is called

Fit to Fat to Fit Again before

Fit to Fat to Fit Before After

In the first picture, you can see Drew Manning was ripped at 193 pounds of pure muscle mass back on May 7.
The second picture show him in October 15, just 5 months later and you can see he is clearly fat.
Now we have to wait and see until he gets fit again, which I think he'll have no problem doing it since he is a personal trainer and has great discipline.
He wants to use the project as a way to help understand the physical and emotional toll that weight gain and weight loss may have on a person.

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