Antipodes Islands Map?

The Antipodes Islands are inhospitable volcanic islands to the south of New Zealand. The islands were discovered in 1800 by the crew of the British ship Reliance. I tried google maps but I could not find the Antipodes. Can I get a link to the islands locations on the world map?

asked by Bruno in Geography | 2948 views | 09-22-2009 at 07:58 PM

The Antipodes Islands were originally named the Penantipodes by its discoverer in 1800 due to its proximity to the antipodes of London. One of the less known and visited islands. Home to the endemic Antipodian Wandering Albatross, there is a rare beauty in its isolation and starkness.

Here's the location of the Antipodes Islands on a map:

answered by Andys | 09-22-2009 at 07:59 PM

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