Chitarra Pasta Cutter?

My grandma used to have a very old world italian, harp-like pasta making device that was so fun to use. I was browsing the web because I want to know more about the pasta cutter but couldn't find anything about the awesome Chitarra Pasta Cutter. Where can I find more information?

asked by cecilia in Foods | 3236 views | 09-22-2009 at 07:53 PM

The Chitarra, the Italian word for Guitar, is pronounced (key-tahr-rah). There are two sides for cutting different widths of pasta. A rolling pin is used to press a sheet of pasta dough through the strings, where it is caught by a slide-out middle board. The freshly cut pasta can then be dropped directly from the board into the boiling water. Pasta made with a Chitarra is very light; it cooks very quickly, absorbs more sauce, and has some conveniences over mechanically cut pasta.

There are varying qualities of Chitarras. The center board catches the strands and slides out to remove them. The wires are made from steel, are very durable, and can be adjusted using the end wire guides. My machine was handed down to me by my late mother Gemma. Some day I will also hand it down to a family member as a working family heirloom.

answered by Eduardo | 09-22-2009 at 07:54 PM

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