Iran Plane Crash 2011 Pictures?

A passenger plane from Iran crashed on January 9, 2011 near Orumieh in the Azerbaijan province in northwestern Iran.

Iran has a history of frequent air accidents blamed on its aging aircraft and poor maintenance.

The Boeing 727 had taken off from Mehr-Abad Airport in the Iranian capital, Tehran, and was en route to Orumiyeh International Airport when the crash happened.

What type of plane was it and what caused the plane crash accident? Are there pictures of the plane?

asked by Juliet in Aircraft | 4922 views | 01-09-2011 at 06:51 PM

The Boeing 727 airplane took off an hour later than scheduled time from Tehran towards Orumiyeh and the crash took place because of the bad weather.
So far, there are no pictures of the crash.

The plane went down near Urmia, a city in northwestern Iran and the capital of West Azerbaijan Province.

It was unclear how many of the 105 people on board the plane survived. Although all passengers were initially feared dead.

Some sources are reporting that of the 105 passengers and crew on board, at least 50 had survived but there's nothing confirmed.

answered by Reid | 01-09-2011 at 06:53 PM

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