17 Day Diet Book Review?

I'm considering buying the 17 Day Diet book and trying it out, I'd like to hear anything about it.

Is there enough info in the 17 Day Diet book on meal planning that I can do it myself, or will I end up having to purchase the $200 meal plan to do this program?

My mom told me about it and how she saw it on Dr. Phil and said it really works. Has anyone tried the 17 Day diet or is half way through the program?

Where can I buy the book, is it available online?

asked by Harmony in Diet & Fitness | 4347 views | 01-07-2011 at 07:30 PM

The 17 Day Diet is a new program from Dr Mike Moreno, a family practitioner from San Diego, California.

You can get the book here: the17daydiet.com. In the site there is also reviews of people who has started the diet.

The diet teaches you how to mix up your eating habits so your metabolism is always burning at a high rate.

The 17 Day Diet is based on the idea of calorie shifting or cycled eating. The diet changes the way you eat every few days or weeks, constantly keeping your metabolism guessing at what is next and never settling in to a state of homeostasis.

answered by Weston | 01-07-2011 at 07:31 PM

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