Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 2010 Pics?

What are some ideas to decorate a Christmas tree? I'm preparing for Christmas 2010 and this year I want to try something new, I want my tree to be special.
Are there pictures of decorated trees so I can get a better idea of what I can do?
What about my house? What can I do to make it look nicer and more Christmas-like?
I want the result to be modern and beautiful and I know nothing about decoration.

This is the first year I'm living in a house with my family, we've lived in an apartment the past four years, so I have an opportunity to decorate a whole house plus the outside.

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There are lots of different ways to decorate a tree. Try thinking outside the usual things. Use a personal collection, or stick some odd things in the mix. You can do all one color, or use only organic decorations like leaves and cones, or do a theme.

You can ask each of your guests to bring an inexpensive or homemade ornament to hang on your tree. In years to come, when you unpack these ornaments, you will be reminded of the special people who attended your tree trimming party and the memories that you created.

When I decorate my Christmas tree, I go with colors that complement each other. Red and Gold do wonders. You can start with lights strung on the tree from top to bottom by making sure the plugging end is on the bottom of the tree after you hang the lights. Make sure the ornaments hang in different areas of the tree not squished too close to each other.

In addition to the tree and presents, greenery is always elegant and also smells good. You can use pine, fir, cedar, holly, eucalyptus various berries, or any pretty thing in your yard.

Here are some pictures of Christmas Tree decorations you can try.

Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Beautiful Christmas Tree

Modern Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Beautiful Decoration

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