Thanksgiving Games & Trivia For Children?

Any parent who has ever prepared a holiday meal knows how difficult it can be to keep the kids entertained while spending countless hours in the kitchen preparing, cooking, and serving the feast.
Kids are always searching for information and they love answering interesting questions about various things. Also, sitting around with the family at Thanksgiving is the perfect time to have a little fun learning about the holiday.
I'm looking for creative Thanksgiving games and trivia for children, any suggestions?

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Thanksgiving is a celebration of friends and family, as well as a day to appreciate the struggles of early American settlers.

Trivia games can easily be adapted into games for thanksgiving. Once you have a list of questions and their answers, cut each of the questions into a separate strip and place all of the questions in a large bowl. Choose a host for your trivia game and divide the family into teams. Each team gets one question and earns a point if they answer correctly.

Here are a batch of trivia questions concerning Thanksgiving.

- Is Thanksgiving celebrated only in the United States? True or False?
- In what year did the first American Thanksgiving celebration take place?
- What is the name of the famous rock credited to where the pilgrims first landed?
- What president was the first to establish Thanksgiving as a legal national holiday?
- Where was the first American Thanksgiving celebration held?

Also, here are some Thanksgiving activities that kid will enjoy:

answered by Jeremiah | 11-23-2010 at 09:20 PM

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