Veterans Day: Are Banks Open & Is There Mail?

Veterans Day is this week, more specifically, this Thursday November 11, 2010.
I always get confused about Veterans Day being a federal holiday or a national holiday
Are Banks open on Veterans Day? Is there going to be mail, I mean, will the Post Office be open?
My son's school will be open.
Who declared veterans day a holiday?

asked by Lola in Holidays | 4212 views | 11-07-2010 at 10:15 PM

Banks will remain closed but if you need to do something important at your local bank, I recommend you check if it's open because last year, my bank was open on Veterans Day.

Veterans day is a federal holiday. The Post office is a federal institution it will be closed for the observances.

About your last question, in 1919, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed an Armistice Day holiday on November 11 to celebrate the end of World War I the previous year.

In 1954, the U.S. Congress and President Dwight Eisenhower acted to change the name of that holiday to Veterans Day.
We celebrate Veterans Day to honor those individuals who sacrificed their lives o honor our country.. Also to honor those individuals who sacrificed their time and effort for our country!

answered by View | 11-07-2010 at 10:17 PM

Every year on Veterans Day banks are closed and there is no mail.
Except in determined locations where sometimes banks open for a short period of time.

answered by Guest | 11-11-2010 at 02:27 PM

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