Types of Homicide?

What are the most common types of homicide you can think of?

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The anwer to your question ranges from country to country.

1st degree murder; you plan in advance on killing someone and actully kill someone.

2nd degree murder; You kill someone without any prethought.

Manslaugther; You kill someone without any intent (example 2 people are arguing , one person pushes the other, the other person hits their head on the ground and dies. The person who did the pushing had no intent on killing the other person)

Infantcide: It's when a mother kills her baby within it's 1st year of life.

answered by Pandy | 08-25-2009 at 12:29 AM

  • Homicide: The killing of another person.
  • Suicide: The killing of oneself.
  • Patricide: The killing of the offender's father.
  • Matricide: The killing of the offender's mother.
  • Parricide: The killing of the offender's parent (or possibly near relative, according to the Oxford)
  • Fratricide: The killing of your sibling (brother or sister).
  • Sororicide: The killing of the offender's sister.
  • Filicide: The killing of a parent by one of their children.
  • Infanticide: The killing of a child in the first year of life by the child's mother (under the common law, anyway).
  • Neonaticide: The killing of a child by its mother in the first 24 hours of life.
  • Uxoricide: The killing of a wife by a husband.
  • Mariticide: The killing of a husband by his wife.
  • Regicide: The killing of a king or queen (made famous by the Simpsons).
  • Amicicide: The killing of a friend (I've never actually seen this one used in text, but my research suggests it's a real word).
  • Femicide: Variously the killing of a woman, or the misogynistic killing of a woman, depending on whose definition you're using.

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