Dubai Plane Crash Pictures 2010?

An American cargo plane crashed in Dubai today 3 September, 2010. Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft setting fire to vehicles as it crashed and going up in a fireball. Did the Dubai press reveal any pictures of the plane crash?
It has now been confirmed that the plane belonged to the company UPS. There were two crew members on board, but they have not confirmed any deaths.
What was the cause of the plane crash in Dubai?

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The UPS plane that crashed was a Boeing 747-400.
The plane was attempting to land at Dubai's Airport, when a technical problem on board caused the crash. A fire broke out on the plane as it was attempting to land.
The official United Arab Emirates WAM news agency is reporting that the aircraft came down in an unpopulated area, although it was near a residential district.
No pictures were revealed.

The witnesses said they heard loud explosion as the plane caught fire following the crash and huge smoke filled the sky. They said the plane narrowly missed a nearby building.

Police cordoned off the area and ambulances were rushed to the scene. Local officials, however, said that the accident happened in an uninhabited area and rescue operations were on.

UPS has had a strong safety record to this point, with only four, non-fatal accidents occurring since 1985, according to the Aviation Safety Network. Most recently, one of its planes caught fire in 2006 during a landing in Philadelphia in which all three crew members escaped safely before fire crews put out the blaze.

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