Senator Ted Stevens Plane Crash Death?

Ted Stevens, the former Alaska senator who survived a plane crash in 1978 that killed his wife, died when an aircraft went down in the wilderness today.
I can't believe the news. It's like his death had to be cause by a plane crash and somehow he managed to save himself in the previous crash. It's a scary coincidence.

Senator Ted Stevens, who is best known in tech circles for calling the internet ďa series of tubes,Ē was the longest serving Republican in the US Senate.

How many people were aboard the plane?

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It is safe to say, he will be missed by many.
Senator Ted Stevens was one of nine people aboard the plane, five of whom were believed to have been killed, the authorities said. The downed airplane was spotted around 7 p.m. Monday. Mr. Stevensís body was found just after daylight Tuesday, according to the aide, who would only speak anonymously out of respect for the senatorís family.

Ted Stevens left behind six children and a wife, Catherine. His first wife, Ann, perished in a plane crash in Alaska in 1978. Stevens survived that crash at Anchorage International Airport, which added his name in 2000.

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