Mary Kay Letourneau Update 2010?

Mary Kay Letourneau was a teacher who fell in love with her student.
She was sent to jail when authorities found out about the inappropriate relationship and after she did her time in prison, she married the student.
After so many years, what happened to Mary Kay Letourneau and the student Vili? Are Mary Kay Letourneau & Vili Fualaau still married? What's the latest update on the case in 2010?

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On Wednesday August 4, 2004, at age 42, Mary Letourneau was released from prison. Vili had the “no-contact” order lifted allowing the two to visit each other legally. Throughout the seven years, Vili Fualaau has said publicly, that he was not a victim and and the he loved Letourneau. However, at other times he has said that his feelings for her were gone. After her release, they got married.

In a live interview with Barbara Walters in Sept. 2004, Mary Kay Letourneau, spoke about the relationship - past, present, and future. Mary Kay told Barbara Walters, "I just, I can't imagine traveling and seeing something without him, learning together, being with him, supporting him for what he would like to do in this life."

I haven't read anything about them in 2010.
But last year a news show did a story on them and they seemed to be very happy and still married. The last thing I heard about them is that they were trying to have another baby.

answered by Lauren | 07-19-2010 at 12:26 AM

Update 2011
Search her Today show appearance for January 2011, it won't let me post link. She is 48, he is 27 now. Still together. Kids together are 12 & 13-girls. Her kids from ex-husband are in 20s, son (26) had a baby so she is a grandma now.

answered by Visiting | 05-30-2011 at 06:34 AM

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