Catherine Gypsy Share?

Who was Catherine Gypsy Share and what crime did she commit?

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Catherine "Gypsy" Share was an accomplished violinist who dropped out of college just short of earning a music degree. She met Manson through Bobby Beausoleil and joined the Family in the summer of 1968. Her devotion to Manson was immediate and her role was as a recruiter to others to join the Family.

During the Tate murder trial, Gypsy testified that Linda Kasabian was the mastermind to the murders and not Charles Manson. In 1994 she recounted her statements, saying she was forced into perjuring herself after Family members dragged her behind a truck, threatening her if she did not testify as they directed.

In 1971, eight months after giving birth to her and Steven Grogan's son, she and other Family members were arrested after participating in a shoot out with police during a botched robbery at a gun store. Share was convicted and spent five years at the California Institute for Women in Corona.

She is now living in Texas with her third husband and is said to be a born-again Christian.

In July 2006, Share returned to the remnants of Spahn Ranch to be interviewed about her role in the Manson Family for the series Our Generation on The History Channel.

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