Plane Crash Bajpe Airport India Pictures?

What a terrible plane crash.
The pictures I saw on TV are horrific.

Karnataka and India woke up to a horrifying morning on Saturday when an Air India Express, Boeing 737-800, plane from Dubai with 166 persons on board overshot the runway at Mangalore’s Bajpe Airport and plunged into a forest where it burned.

What are the details of this plane crash in Bajpe Airport, Bangalore India? Where can I see pictures of the plane crash?

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Only eight people survived the plane crash in Bajpe Airport India today, May 22 2010. One of them, a four-year-old girl, died on the way to hospital, and 145 bodies, mostly charred and beyond recognition, have been found so far.
I posted pictures of the plane crash below.

The majority of the victims — 60 — were from north Kerala. The passengers included four infants. It was a perfect landing for Flight IX-812, said Ummer Farook Mohammed, a survivor, but that was only for 15 seconds. Then, the aircraft veered off the end of the runway, and hit the boundary wall.

Pictures of the plane crash in Bajpe Airport India.

Reason for the deadly crash is not yet disclosed. The pilot of the Air India carrier did have enough flying experiences, and he had landed the same flight for nearly 20 times on same surface.

The geographical position of the runway in Mangalore and some problems in time of landing may have caused the plane crash, analysts observe. The Mangalore airport situates at a hilltop, and its runway is spread out over several small mountains. That is why, the flight, which slipped away from the runway rushed to deep valley, which increased the impact of incident.

News reports trickling in from the various TV news channels have shown horrific sights of charred bodies being taken out to the hospitals in the city. Relatives and friends have been running from hospital to hospital searching for their loved ones.

The crew of Flight IX 812 had left Mangalore at 8pm and flew more than four hours to reach Dubai. Soon, they were busy with walk-around inspections, fuel checks, and weather confirmation. By the time the routine checks were over, passengers were ready to board the flight for the return journey.

Air India Express, the low-cost arm of AI, has 390 cabin crew members on its rolls — a shortage of about 150, according to the airline's trade union. Airline sources also claimed that AI Express pilots too don't get adequate rest between two legs of flights because of a similar shortage.

Air India has announced a special flight from Dubai to bring in kith and kin of ones who have lost their lives in the crash of ill-fated Air India Express aircraft at Mangalore airport, civil aviation secretary M Nambiar said.

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