Libyan Plane Crash Pictures?

A Libyan-operated Airbus 330-200 carrying 104 people from Johannesburg crashed on arrival at Tripoliís airport this morning in what were described as foggy conditions.

They say that only a little boy was rescued from the Libyan Plane Crash.

The Dutch prime minister said everyone on the Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330-200 arriving from Johannesburg, South Africa was killed except the child, whose survival was hailed as a miracle.

Was the Libyan plane crash an act of terrorism? Where can I see pictures of the plain crash?

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The Libyan plane was carrying 93 passengers and 11 crew members when it crashed while trying to land at the Tripoli International Airport.

The little boy was undergoing surgery at a hospital in the Libyan capital of Tripoli after the Afriqiyah Airways plane that left Johannesburg crashed as it neared the end of its flight.
The pictures show how awful the plane crash was.

Libya's Transport Minister Mohammed Ali Zidan ruled out terrorism as the cause of a plane crash at Tripoli airport on Wednesday that officials said killed more than 100 people.

"We have definitely ruled out the theory that the crash was the result of an act of terrorism," Zidan told a media conference.

Afriqiyah Airline officials say they will investigate why the plane broke up so massively upon landing.

This is a picture of the Libyan plane crash.

Libyan plane crash

Many of the persons on board appear to be South Africans, Afriqiyah officials say, although an official from the Hague says that 61 of them were Dutch passport-holders. Nearly a quarter of the passengers had tickets for onward travel to London.

Afriqiyah Airlines is one of Africaís many low-cost airlines providing flights to Europe, Africa, and Asia, and it has no previous record of accidents.

Video of the crash.

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