Should I Buy a Used Laptop?

I'm about to buy a used laptop, the price is half the cost of a new one. I trust the person who's selling it to me, however I'd like to know if it is a good idea to buy a used laptop.
I almost bought it yesterday but my friend told me it was a terrible idea, he said the laptop's hours of use have shortened its life so it wont last too long.
That comment made me consider it once again.
What should I do?

asked by Dan in Hardware | 3744 views | 06-30-2009 at 07:51 PM

I've head some people say that it's ok to buy used laptops and they even compare it with buying a used car but I don't fall for it.
There's always been a stigma associated with buying refurbished laptops.
You're taking a chance when you buy any used computer, but when you're talking about a unit that's as prone to abuse and problems as a laptop, it's a whole different matter.
Laptops are more likely to be dropped, banged around and spilled on, simply because they're out in the world while a desktop computer sits safe at home.

So I recommend you think carefully about it. Consider if saving a few bucks now wont cause you lots of headaches later.

answered by Richard | 06-30-2009 at 07:57 PM

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