Cooking Time: Prime Rib Roast Cooking Time?

Need advice on my meal's cooking time.
I have a 5lb prime rib roast that I am making for the holidays. I like it done well and my fiance would like it a bit pink. How long do I roast it for me to be able to eat nicely cooked ends and for him to have a pink centre piece? What is the perfect cooking time of a Prime Rib Roast?

asked by turner in Foods | 5907 views | 12-24-2009 at 09:30 PM

To figure out the total cooking time of a Prime Rib Roast, allow about 13-15 minutes per pound for rare and 15-17 minutes per pound for medium rare. The actual cooking time will depend on the shape of the roast and your particular oven. A flatter roast will cook more quickly than a thicker one. So make sure to use a meat thermometer. This is not a roast to "wing it". Error on the rare side.

Roast in oven until thermometer registers 115-120F for rare or 125-130F for medium.

Check the temperature of the roast using a meat thermometer a half hour before you expect the roast to be done. For example, with a 10 pound roast, you would expect 2 1/2 hours of total cooking time (15 minutes at 500 and 2 1/4 hours at 325). In this case, check after 2 hours of total cooking time, or 1 hour 45 minutes after you lowered the oven temp to 325.

answered by Merry | 12-24-2009 at 09:34 PM

I have a different oven.
Using a convection oven can cut as much as 25% off the cooking times listed for the regular oven. It is also easier for your roast to dry out and cook too much with the convection oven. Watch the roast carefully and please use a cooking thermometer to know when the roast is done and should be taken out of the oven.

answered by Callie | 12-24-2009 at 09:35 PM

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