The Temple at Senntisten Guide?

Looking for a guide for The Temple at Senntisten. It looks like a pretty good update overall and the new prayers definitely sound interesting.
Requirements for the new Temple of Senntisten quest are level 50 in Prayer and having 125 kudos with the Varrock Museum. Quest prerequisites for the Temple of Senntisten Quest are Tale of the Muspah Quest, Missing my Mummy Quest, and Curse of Arrav Quest.
The Temple of Senntisten Quest is a long difficult quest.
Where can I find a guide so that it's a little easy for me? What about a walkthrough?

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You need the following items for Temple of Senntisten quest;

A spade
Good weapon
Good armor
Anti-dragon shield or Antifire potion
Runes for a few Telegrab casts.

You have to kill a level 177 Ice Demon and all of the Barrows brothers. You also need to defend against Icefiends, Waterfiends, Iron Dragons, Steel Dragons, and possibly against Reverants.

Walkthrough - guide (warning, spoilers):
Starting the Quest

Start the quest by talking to Ali the Wise in Nardah. He will tell the player someone called Dr. Nabanik asked for your help. Dr. Nabanik can be found at the Digsite, east of Varrock. Ali the Wise will give the player a Digsite Amulet to reach Dr. Nabanik.

Talk to Dr. Nabanik at the Digsite Exam Centre. He will reveal he is in fact Azzanadra, a Zarosian Mahjarrat. He needs a certificate to start reconstructing the altar beneath the Digsite.

Talk to the Head Archaeologist in the Exam Centre. After making sure Dr. Nabanik can be trusted, he will give the player a certificate.

Talk to Dr. Nabanik again. He will take the certificate and tell the player to meet him at the altar under the Digsite. The altar may be reached by using a rope on the north-west winch in the Digsite and then selecting 'Operate' on the winch. Dr. Nabanik will provide the player with a rope.

Go to the altar, and talk to Dr. Nabanik (now called Azzanadra) again. Ask him what he needs and you will find out he requires two items:

* A Barrows icon, obtained by killing all six Barrows brothers, then looting their chest.
* The Frostenhorn, from a cold fortress in the north. You will recieve a backpack containing a Battered letter and a Heat orb. You will need these.

Read the rest of the guide here:

Ancient curses

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